BAMA Award Winners 2023

BAMA Award Winners 2023

The 2023 BAMA Awards dinner and ceremony, hosted again at Carden Park in the verdant Cheshire countryside, was a gleaming event, with a record number of attendees and a larger-than-ever number of entries. We have captured the proud smiles of those receiving recognition in the attached photos, and captured some of the Judges’ comments below.


Winner: Grundon, Asthma cartridges recycling

Judges’ comments: “It really addresses and solves an issue that hadn’t been tackled before”, “there is a minimal amount of gas left in each pack, but it’s environmental impact is significant especially looking at the millions of units used”, “the network of return points (pharmacies and hospitals) makes it easy for the user: as they collect the new inhalers, they can drop off the empty ones. It is likely that most empties will be captured”.

Runner Up: Precision, Stylish 52 actuator

Judges’ Comments: “It addresses the problem of how to recycle aerosols caps, which are usually mixed plastics, by making the whole thing out of one material but still maintains a similar spray performance” “The idea that making the cap shorter saves material is so simple, but so effective”.

Highly Commended: Salvalco with Mentholatum, Deep Freeze - Deep Heat

Judges’ Comments: “they have completely eliminated the LPG propellant, so they innovate mechanically to ensure a good spray, but also reformulated the content to keeps its properties”, “It actually works better than the original version…probably because there is more active ingredient dispensed”, ‘”the can is visibly smaller, so there’s also less material used, reducing the carbon footprint, but not so much smaller to put consumers off when placed on the shelf”.

Aerosol Packaging

Another clear winner for the Packaging category: the judges awarded first place to Coster Aerosols for their Digitally printed actuator. While the other entries had their own merits, the judges felt they were on a similar level, so no runner up was identified for this category.

Judges’ Comments: “From the point of view of visual impact, it is a game-charger’” “It opens up so many different opportunities”, “you can have the product on a lower shelf and still attract the shopper’s attention”

New Aerosol of the Year

Another category with a wide range of products entered, either marketed in the UK, or produced in the UK for export markets. It is probably the most interactive moment of the whole judging process, as we see mainly finished products which can be sprayed, smelled and tested, where the labelling is examined and the concept and degree of innovation assessed.

Winner: KDC/ONE Swallowfield, Sanctuary Spa, Mousse-to-Oil moisturizer

Judges’ Comments: “it is a sensuous experience when you use it, and it’s not greasy or dripping like an oil would be” “a beautiful creamy foam, you only need a tiny amount and the fragrance is pleasant but subtle, not overpowering like other products” “the effect on the skin is visible, and when you apply it, it’s a pampering experience’

Runner Up: Volcke Aerosol UK, Dry Foam Shampoo for Dogs

Everyone was surprised and excited by this entry, probably looking forward to the playful experience of covering a hairy animal in foam. Unfortunately, BAMA did not have anything to try the product on.

Judges’ Comments: “There are many spray products for pets, but none of them in a foam” “I would definitely try it on my dog” “people care more and more for their pet as a family member, it’s good that the company has thought about that and extended the range of dry shampoos to cover them too”.

Highly Commended: Church & Dwight, Batiste Leave-in Dry Conditioner

Church & Dwight deserved a commendation for their Dry Conditioner, which was found to really make a difference once applied to hair. One of the BAMA staff lent their just-washed mane for product testing.

Judges’ Comments: “hair is much smoother and soft to the touch” “it’s a good complement to the existing range, but it can be used on its own” “easy to apply, much quicker than the traditional conditioner which needs to be rinsed off”.

Process Safety and Training

This year’s winner, with a project focused on creating a seamless flow between the client’s needs and the supplier’s delivery, is Massilly UK for ‘The Coal Face’ program.

Judges’ Comments: “It’s not a groundbreaking innovation, but small things can make a difference”, “it looks at the human element of the process”, “it engages the staff and makes them feel they can make a difference, so they become vested in both process and outcome”.

Special Recognition

BAMA’s award for a special contribution to the aerosol industry went this year to Andy Dawson, of Hydrokem. This is what Patrick Heskins had to say about him: “I have had the pleasure of knowing Andy as a customer, boss, colleague, mentor, and friend.  He is one of the most unflappable people I have ever known, with great technical skills, a positive attitude, and a wonderful sense of humour.  He has always been a fabulous supporter of BAMA, willing to share his knowledge, insight and opinion, and it is a great pleasure to be able to honour his contribution to our industry with this Special Recognition Award.”   


The judges shortlisted four photographs among those entered. They were printed and displayed at the event where the delegates voted for their favourite.

The winner was Volke’s lightful image of an aerosol shine being applied onto green leaves.

The image will feature on the front cover of next year’s BAMA annual report and the photographer (Jochen Mahieu) will receive a year’s membership of the Guild of Photographers, to help hone his skills.

Further details and images of all award winners can be viewed here.

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