Industry News - Simpler Recycling

Industry News - Simpler Recycling

'Consistency in Recycling' has been replaced by 'Simpler Recycling'

This week, DEFRA announced that Therese Coffrey, the Environment Secretary, "is leading a new pragmatic approach to boost recycling rates". 

They inform us that "Simpler Recycling (formerly known as Consistency in Recycling) a plan which scraps the top-down approach, ensures a requirement to recycle with seven bins will not happen and brings forward a smarter approach that responds to feedback and forges a new path on reuse and recycling."

"The new Simpler Recycling system, to be outlined shortly, will ensure all homes in England recycle the same materials, ending the confusion and postcode lottery over what can and can’t be recycled. Those materials won’t need to be separated at home – so whilst it was never the case that seven bins would be needed by households, this new plan ensures it." states DEFRA.

"The nation will recycle the same materials across England, creating a stream of materials for manufacturers to recycle and use again and again."

And the statement concludes that "This common sense approach will drive up recycling rates and is designed to work for households across the country.  Simpler Recycling builds a strong foundation that has the potential to rewrite how our economy grows, creates jobs and ends the throw-away culture."

Chief Executive Officer for SUEZ recycling and recovery UK John Scanlon, said "Targets without credible delivery plans amount to little more than empty promises, and yet we find ourselves with longstanding targets for recycling, reducing waste and a deadline looming to get biodegradable waste out of landfill, and still no clear roadmap for meeting these targets."

“We need policy certainty to commit investment in the infrastructure and services that are essential to meeting environmental targets" he added.

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