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Triple Line Technology Ltd

46 Fanshawe Road Cambridge CB1 3QY
07963 132328
Triple Line Technology has developed a revolutionary foamed aerosol technology capable of generating high quality micro-foams without the need for VOCs or dissolved gases such as nitrous oxide. This technology enables the development of sustainable foamed aerosol products such as: shaving foams, squirty cream, foamed paints, foamed hair care products, foamed toothpaste, foamed sunscreens, foamed skincare products etc. Products based upon our technology are environmentally friendly since they do not discharge environmental pollutants (such as VOCs) or greenhouse gases (such as nitrous oxide) into the atmosphere. Instead, our technology uses environmentally friendly propellants such as air or nitrogen. Recycling or refilling aerosols based upon our technology is also simplified since we have eliminated the requirement to discharge and capture a flammable propellant prior to recycling or refilling the can. Other features of our technology are: low cost may be filled on standard aerosol lines can dispense foamed dispersions with high-solids loading (as high as 50% v/v) can dispense foamed emulsions in many cases generates foams which are more stable than VOC or nitrous based foams Videos of our technology in action may be found on our YouTube channel:
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