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KOH-I-NOOR Mlada Vozice

Mlada Vozice 620, 391 43, Czech Republic
+420 381 401 111
KOH-I-NOOR Mlada Vozice was founded as a manufacturing company in 1947. Since then the company has gone through dynamic development and several transformations. Present core business is focused on production of a wide range of the aerosol valves, actuators and caps. KIN entered the aerosol industry in 1960 when it developed its own female valve. Since then KIN has been evolving its capabilities in functional areas of the aerosol industry. One of the core capabilities developed over the years is production of precise plastic parts especially for aerosol valves and actuators. Our products are currently used in cosmetics, personal care, food industry, hobby and DIY products and household. Our products portfolio includes basic types of aerosol valves (male and female) and special valves (BOV, metering valves, powder valves and 360° Ball valves) and final plastic products (actuators, nozzles, cups etc.)
Service category:
Plastic Component Manufacturer
Valve Manufacturer

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