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The Safe Handling of Aerosol Propellants Webinar - The Basics

The thing that distinguishes aerosol filling other packaged goods is that they are pressurised with either compressed or liquefied gases that propel (dispense) the product out of the container.  The most commonly used propellants are flammable liquified gases so care and attention in their handing in the aerosol filling plant is essential.

The aerosol industry has an excellent safety record and key to this has been the safe handling of these propellants. This webinar aims to provide delegates with basic knowledge of the hazards associated with handling flammable liquefied gases and provide some practical examples of the safety systems typically on site to minimise risk and prevent accidents. 

Who should attend?

This webinar is designed for anyone who works in an aerosol filling plant, but who is not regularly involved in its operation or maintenance.

**Please note** that this Webinar does not fulfil the requirements of appropriate training. You must attend BAMA's Safe Handling of Aerosols Propellant Course.


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From: 15 May 2024, 10:00

To: 15 May 2024, 11:00

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