Regulatory Panel

Regulatory Panel Remit

To represent BAMA members’ interests by monitoring, discussing, and commenting upon the development of regulations impacting upon the design, marketing, and distribution of aerosol dispensers in the UK, EU and RoW.

The Scope of the Regulatory Panel includes

To monitor, discuss and comment on the following areas of regulation.

• Aerosol dispenser specific – e.g., UK, EU, USA, etc.
• Labelling - e.g. GHS, CLP, product safety
• Chemicals – e.g. REACH, TSCA, Precursors
• Product Sector – e.g. cosmetic products, biocides, paints, detergents, etc.
• Weights and Measures
• Transport – UN (Global), ADR, IMDG, ICAO/IATA (Modal), CDR (National)

The Regulatory Panel will develop and maintain:

• Briefing Notes and Position Papers on regulations and arising issues
• Updates for BAMA Member Companies on developing regulations
• Aerosol industry responses to Governmental and other consultations
• Advice and guidance on complying with relevant regulations including updating Module 4 of The BAMA Standard

Adrian McCretton

Adrian McCretton

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Paul Jackson


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