Sustainability Panel

Sustainability Panel Remit

To represent BAMA members’ interests by monitoring, discussing, and commenting upon the development initiatives and regulations designed to promote sustainability by creating a circular economy in the UK, EU and RoW.

The Scope of the Sustainability Panel includes:

To monitor the following areas of policy:

•    Packaging and Packaging Waste -EPR, DRS, Essential Requirements
•    Waste prevention initiatives in UK and EU.
•    Recycling of used aerosol dispensers.
•    Recycled content of aerosol dispensers and related packaging.
•    Reuse/refilling of aerosol dispensers.
•    Green Claims.
•    Ethical sourcing.
•    Use of Life Cycle Assessment.

The Panel will manage BAMA sustainability initiatives such as promoting recycling through MetalMatters and investigating the potential for refilling aerosols

The Sustainability Panel will develop and maintain:

•    Briefing Notes, Position Papers and Guides on sustainability issues.
•    Updates for BAMA Member Companies on the developing regulations and policy initiatives relating to sustainability.
•    Aerosol industry responses to Governmental and other consultations.
•    Produce reports on any BAMA initiatives undertaken by BAMA to promote the sustainability of aerosol dispensers.

Alina Darragh

Alina Darragh

Kinza Sutton

Kinza Sutton

Vice Chair
Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson


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